Classic Gaff Cutter Yacht

Aeolus 1904 gaff cutter For the purist classic racing sailor.
For sale £56,000 €65,000

Aeolus, a 1904 plank-on-edge custom racing boat is the perfect vessel for the purist classic yachtsman for racing and cruising. A towering rig gives the boat her traditional appearance, which continues throughout the working with its authentic block and tackle system. Of course, looks aren’t the only thing going for this classic yacht. The redesigned sail plan uses modern sailcloth to give the boat power and speed when slicing through the waves. Think of her as a lightweight pilot cutter.

Steeped in history, Aeolus was built in California in 1904, probably for racing in San Francisco bay. The timing and location of her original built is what lends the boat its distinctive, elegant West-Coast style. To continue this experience she has the original methods of sailing with traditional white ropes, wood blocks, cream sails, and a long wood tiller, avoiding any modern kit to spoil the appearance.

For racing Aeolus works best with a crew of eight working closely together to handle the seven sails we use in light winds. Crew members, both experienced and new to the waves, love sailing the boat as it produces a marvellous team spirit. when setting sails. belaying the many ropes and moving around the deck as a cohesive team simply adds to the pleasure of sailing her. Aeolus has attracted many modern boat sailors to experience the more elegant and calm approach of classic yacht racing. The current owner has particularly enjoyed the generous support in the early days in learning from other boat owners and then developing his own style to introduce people to traditional sailing and running the crew as a team.

Aeolus is a practical yacht with a redesigned sailplan and dacron sails, a powerful Volvo 55hp engine and wifi navigation equipment. The boat is easy to run and handle, and when cruising Aeolus is sailed in a relaxed manner; fewer sails de-power the boat, allowing finger- tip control by the helmsmen of the perfectly balanced rig while cruising.

The most exciting trip was sailing up the Thames and under Tower Bridge with all sails set with the bridge arms raised, the first time a boat had sailed under for 27 years.

The interior was empty when the current owner first purchased her. After advice from Tom and Ros Cunliffe and Ed Burnett, a traditional plan was drawn to accommodate the crew of eight with simple modern facilities to allow weekend and longer distance sailing. Over five winters each part of the interior was hand built, largely from reclaimed timber, to give a fully-functioning interior which can comfortably house the crew. The kitchen tap has even been replaced by a charming (and easy- to-use) brass pump, calling back to the boat’s early 19 th century beginnings.

The current owner has been sailing and racing Aeolus constantly for 14 years, and over that time has developed and improved her sailing qualities, making her into a race-winning and practical boat. It is time to pass her on to a new owner who can further enhance Aeolus and her reputation. The boat has been fully restored, is complete with everything required for sailing her and living on her, with every aspect of the boat maintained to a high standard.


Length on deck 41ft / 13m Sail area - working sails 1000 sqft
LOA 65ft - 18m - with topsails 1500 sqft
Beam 9ft - 2.7m - spinnaker 1000 sqft
Draft 8ft - 2.4m Weight 18 tonnes
Berths 8
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WhatsApp 07803 389676
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